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Businesses of all sizes are using AdLeads to acquire new customers and get returns on every ad dollar. So can you. With AdLeads, you’ll reach customers as they interact with their iPhone, iPad and Android apps. You only pay when someone signs up to hear from you. That way you get guaranteed returns on the money you spend on advertising.

“AdLeads is the only way for Brownhub to run mobile signup ads® and get actual sign ups.”
-Adil Qayyum, Co-founder and CEO, Brownhub 

“No domestic vendor can provide us with an instant mobile campaign creation solution like AdLeads.” 
-Brett Chester, Co-founder, Mobile Marketers, Sydney, Australia 

“We’ve already broken even with the amount of sales we have generated in two days.”
-Alessandra Souers, Director of Email Marketing, One Click Ventures {Read case study}

“With AdLeads, Paper Hat Press was able to acquire 13,000 plus new leads in three weeks and follow up via email immediately.”
-Manish Naik, Co-founder and CEO Paper Hat Press 

“With AdLeads, we’re able to acquire new users across mobile devices, grow our social community and drive mobile app installs.” 
-Graham Dodge, Co-founder and CEO, Sickweather {Read case study}

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