Automated Social Email For Local Businesses.

An Automated Email and Social Marketing Solution for Local Businesses.

Social FollowUp is a social marketing automation tool designed to automatically build emails from your social updates. Turn your most recent and relevant Facebook and Twitter posts into one great looking email to send to your new signups and fans. It’s completely automated – there’s no need for previous email marketing experience.

Social FollowUp is available free of charge to all AdLeads customers.

How Does it Work?

1. Create an AdLeads Account: Your ad will appear on top iPhone, iPad & Android apps. Customers sign up to hear from you with their email address.
2. Enable Social FollowUp: Enter the URL of your Facebook page and/or Twitter page. Select the “Turn SocialFollowUp On” Button.
3. Social FollowUp Emails Are Sent Out Automatically: People who have signed up for your ad will receive a Social FollowUp email.
4. Promote specific products and services:  Use specific hashtags on Twitter posts to promote local deals, daily deals, coupons and events .

Hundreds of local businesses use Social FollowUp to create emails based on their social updates.

Learn how Brooklyn restaurant 61 Local uses Social FollowUp to promote local events and drive patrons to its restaurant.