Grow your business cost-effectively

With a budget of as little as $50, you can acquire new customers for your business with AdLeads. You pay only when someone signs up for your ad — and never for wasted clicks or impressions.

Targeted reach

With AdLeads, you can reach the customers you want. Our location-based targeting allows you to show your ads in your neighborhood, your city, or the entire world.

Complete control

The AdLeads algorithm is designed to get you the most qualified leads at the lowest possible price. But you remain in control at all times. With a few simple clicks, you can edit your ads and adjust your budget until you get the results you want.

Guaranteed return on investment

You’re only charged when people sign up for your ads. Now, you know what percentage of your ad budget works. All of it.

More Cost-Effective Than Search Engine Advertising

The cost of a signup can vary between 50 cents to 5 dollars depending on your industry and geo-targeting, with the average signup costing around $1.00 – far less than the cost of click in a search advertising campaign. You will know the cost per signup for your businesses before you go live with your campaign. 

“With AdLeads, we’ve taken the guesswork out of advertising.”

—Jakov Saric, CityDrafters, Inc.

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