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Win a Mobile Ad Campaign For 1,000 new email addresses. 

AdLeading For Change

You do great work. Now, it’s time to show your work to people who care deeply about your cause. 

Introducing the ‘AdLead the Way’ contest for non-profits and philanthropic organizations. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your organization’s work and grow your email database by 1,000 email addresses…for free!

All you need to do is submit a mobile signup ad from your group.  Don’t know what a signup ad is? Read the FAQs below and you’ll create one in a few minutes!

We will award 3 organizations with the best creative a free mobile ad campaign for 1,000 email signups. 

Contest ends November 15 – so send us a signup ad from your organization now! You can submit your creative by emailing info@adleads.com!

Winners will be announced on November 27!


What is a signup ad?

Signup ads run on top mobile apps on iPhones, iPads and Android apps. When people are using mobile apps, they will see a signup ad for your organization. If they like what you do, they can sign up to receive emails from you. You get their email address – it’s that easy. 

 Why are signup ads different from what’s out there?

In the past, you might have advertised on websites with banners. Or you might have bid for keywords and paid for clicks on search engine advertisements. Buy you never knew who saw or clicked on your ad.  With signup ads, a real person actually volunteers their email address and says, Tell me more! You only pay for an actual email. If someone sees the ad and doesn’t sign up – it’s free!

Why do signup ads matter to me? 

With signup ads, you get the email addresses of people who are genuinely interested in your organization. You can grow your email database easily. You can then send emails to these people and educate them about your work. You can drive event attendance, involve people with volunteer opportunities and increase donations. 

Ok, Sounds Good. What Does A Signup Ad Look Like?

There are three parts to a signup ad:

1. Image: A 70 X 70 logo. Make it prominent and easily recognizable. 

2. Headline: 40 characters. Give a direct call to action.

3. Body:  120 characters. Explain what people will get if they sign up for your ad.

Do You Have Examples of Good Signup Ads?

nycTIES used signup ads to get new email subscribers for its weekly newsletter.

UNICEF used signup ads to help raise money for the earthquake victims of Japan. 

MissingAutism used signup ads for AMBER alerts that inform them of missing autistic children in their area. 


To see more examples of signup ads, please visit our Signup Ad Hall of Fame. 

How do I run a signup ads campaign?

You can run a signup ad campaign on the AdLeads signup ads platform.  The cost of a new email address depends on your campaign parameters like the area you want to target, budget, etc.  The cost of a signup is typically 50 cents and over – far less than a click with search advertising. To get started with AdLeads, fill out the form here

Please click here for Terms & Conditions of the contest.